Coloring of gemstones

In the group of almost real stones, one can be called "completely real."”. I'm talking about aquamarine, a stone the color of sea water. But the color may be different: yellowish green, green and highly valued – sea, greenish blue. Not a particularly beautiful color …

The value and evaluation of diamonds

The value and evaluation of diamonds.

The most important factors, on which depends the value and price of a diamond: barwa, cleanliness (faultlessness), cut quality and size.

The size of diamonds. Kryształy diamentu mają różną wielkość — mogą być one bardzo małe aż



The value of a gemstone depends on several factors, inter alia, the frequency of occurrence, color and purity, correctness of the cut and size.

The latter is defined in carats. She was brought in, ponieważ towar na ogół