Famous diamonds

Large and beautiful diamonds have long attracted special attention due to their high value and rarity. They were the subject of separate studies, including. such outstanding mineralogists, like L.. J. Spencer i A. Fersman. Some of …

Diamond mining

Worldwide diamond mining rose to 1975 r. According to the calculations of the French geologist and explorer of the mineral deposits de Launay do 1910 r. mined 142 million carats of diamonds. South Africa accounted for this amount 120 min kr, for Brazil only 1/10 Hello …

Siberian diamonds

Siberian diamonds. The first news about the discovery of diamonds in the Urals comes from before 100 patches. At the end of the 19th century. they were found in the Yenisei basin. In general, these were discoveries of little practical importance. Initial searches initiated before the Second World War …

Indian diamonds – Brazilian diamonds

Indian diamonds. Before the discovery of diamonds in Brazil, India was the only known place of their occurrence. From ancient times until the mid-18th century. many beautiful diamonds were mined there; comes from here, among others. the famous Koh-i-Noor. Po odkryciu diamentów w Brazylii powątpiewano w ich

The use of diamonds

The use of diamonds.

In the past, diamonds were only used as ornaments. They were ground with diamond powder, by giving them different forms to enhance the natural shine and play of the diamond's color. Already in the 17th century. the French traveler Tavernier recalls, że w Indiach mistrzowie hinduscy

Diamond imitations

Diamond imitations

Apart from the primitive way of imitating diamonds with varieties of glass with a high refractive index, colorless sapphires are used to imitate this most valued gemstone., zircons or topazes, sometimes also transparent quartz (Mountain crystal).

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The physical properties of a diamond

The physical properties of a diamond.

Cleavage. The diamond has a pronounced cleavage parallel to the octahedron faces. This is used for cutting (splitting) and grinding. When the blade applied to the diamond is lightly tapped in the direction of the cleavage plane, the diamond is split into two parts. Metodą tą posługiwano


Diament belongs to the most valued gemstones. The name of the diamond comes from the Greek word adamas - invincible, what is related to its properties, primarily with hardness, the greatest of all minerals. Another distinctive feature of a diamond is its particularly strong luster, zwany