The causes of the color of gemstones

The causes of the color of gemstones

However, absorption of some spectral components is not the only explanation for the cause of body discoloration. In some cases, the color sensation results from the selective reflection of certain components of the light spectrum, in others as a result of light scattering …

The colors are electromagnetic waves

The colors are electromagnetic waves.

So we know the answer to the question, why is the ruby ​​red, and blue sapphire. Unfortunately, physicists are people much more inquisitive than the common eater of bread. After finding, that it is chrome that tints the ruby, and titanium is sapphire, postawili następne

Research on the refraction of light

Research on the refraction of light.

Systematic research on the dispersion of light began in 1665 another physicist, and at the same time a mathematician and astronomer, Englishman, Isaac Newton. Same, who discovered the law of universal gravitation, stworzył podstawy dynamiki i jako pierwszy pisał o możliwości stworzenia

Color according to physics

Color according to physics.

Physicists approached the issue of colors quite differently. They took it as a starting point, that color is an objective property of bodies, something that can be measured or weighed, similar to how the dimensions or weight of this book are measured. One of the first, which "physically” …

What is color?

What is color?

Why are tomato and ruby ​​red, sky, blue sapphire and lapis lazuli, leaves of the trees, emerald, malachite and green jade, and turquoise greenish blue? This was the question the ancient Greeks asked themselves. Even then, people were wondering, czy barwa jest obiektywną

The physical properties of a diamond

The physical properties of a diamond.

Cleavage. The diamond has a pronounced cleavage parallel to the octahedron faces. This is used for cutting (splitting) and grinding. When the blade applied to the diamond is lightly tapped in the direction of the cleavage plane, the diamond is split into two parts. Metodą tą posługiwano



As for a great mystery, the colors of precious stones were always looked at. It was easiest, of course, to say, that they are born in the devil's kitchen cauldrons. In fact, however, the matter is easily explainable.

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