How to invest in gemstones?

How to invest in gemstones?

Tips for people, who like gemstones and want to invest in them:

(1) Buy the best gemstones, whatever you find. If the color, the clarity and size of the stone are appropriate, but it is not the best cut, you can sand it again. A skillful grinder can bring out the natural beauty and uniqueness of the stone.

(2) Never buy stones framed in plastic, which makes it impossible to examine them with a magnifying glass or determine their refractive index, weight or other properties.

(3) Before buying, it is worth seeking advice from a good and trusted gemologist. If you think a gem dealer is suspicious, be very, but it's very careful. If you receive an unsolicited telephone offer to invest in precious stones, DISCONNECT! Let me, that I will repeat, just in case: If you receive an unsolicited telephone offer to invest in precious stones, DISCONNECT! My rule is “NEVER buy anything based on phone offers.” Believe me, this saves a lot of money!

(4) Get as much knowledge in the field of gemology as possible. Its lack can cost you dearly.

(5) Be patient. It is difficult to find stones of the highest quality at reasonable prices, just like the stone buyers, you want to sell.

(6) Take advantage of the opportunity. Many gemstones are not supplied regularly and appear on the market sporadically. Sometimes more crystals happen, which may flood the market for a while, but soon their supply will decline until a new deposit is found. Alexandrite is a good example – a rich field was discovered in Brazil a few there ago, as a result, many new stones hit the market for a short time, but overall the supply is small.

(7) If you are going to use stones for jewelry, make sure, if the jewelry is well made and will it adequately protect your stones, and whether the jeweler knows, what kind of stones he is dealing with. Do not let, that some bastard would destroy them because of his ignorance. Go to the jeweler, who is an expert in his field.

(8) Take good care of your gemstones. If they are damaged, check, if a good grinder cannot fix them.

(9) Some investment vendors buy back the gems under warranty. Learn as much as you can about their activities so far and don't take too much faith in their promises, because only a few operate for quite a long time, to live up to them. Remember – if the offer is suspiciously attractive, it's probably not fair.