However, the noblest variety of chalcedony is truly Polish – very beautiful stone, apple green, light color – chrysopraz.

Large clusters of this stone occur in the vicinity and in the nickel mine "Marta” w Szklarach oraz

At you

At you is a variety of chalcedony characterized by ribbed, strand construction. It occurs in the form of inconspicuous lumps with spherical shapes, almond-shaped or irregular lumps, ranging in size from millimeters to many meters.

Z zewnątrz bryła agatu wygląda


The mountain crystal and its colorful varieties appear in a multi-crystalline form, in the form of clearly shaped crystals – hexagonal columns with a diameter up to 8 meters and a weight of many tons. Całkowicie odmienną budowę mają odmiany kwarcu zaliczone



A characteristic feature of the crystals is the so-called. anizotropia, i.e.. dependence of crystal properties on the direction of incidence of light, the direction of the force, etc.. The anisotropy of crystals results, among others, from. pleochroizm, that is, multicolor. Such precious stones, like tourmaline or ruby, …

Crystallographic systems

Crystallographic systems.

W 1830 the year of the German mineralogist Johann F. Ch. Hessel, creator of the classification of crystals based on mathematical principles, proved by mathematical methods, that they can only exist in the building of crystals 32 cases of symmetry, or 32 crystallographic classes, …

Decorative stones

Decorative stones. Crystals.

Another group are decorative stones used in the manufacture of haberdashery and in construction, but often also in jewelery. They are minerals of lower hardness and durability, with colors other than precious stones, na

The causes of the color of gemstones

The causes of the color of gemstones

However, absorption of some spectral components is not the only explanation for the cause of body discoloration. In some cases, the color sensation results from the selective reflection of certain components of the light spectrum, w innych w wyniku rozproszenia światła

The colors are electromagnetic waves

The colors are electromagnetic waves.

So we know the answer to the question, why is the ruby ​​red, and blue sapphire. Unfortunately, physicists are people much more inquisitive than the common eater of bread. After finding, that it is chrome that tints the ruby, …